Internet speed

Today I compare two internet speed. One is streamyx ( Malaysia )  and another one is Free SAS ( France ). I test the streamyx myself. While I get the Free SAS result from my caedes friends.


Free SAS

Notice any difference? Look very closely…..


iPhone to the rescue!

Dan Woolley, an American filmmaker trapped in the Haiti earthquake, used his iPhone for survival until he was rescued 65 hours later.

Woolley was caught under a pile of rubble when the earthquake hit, which injured his legs and his head. A first-aid app gave him the instructions on the best way to create a tourniquet for his leg and bandage for his head and warned him against failing asleep after head trauma, so the phone was also used as an alarm which is set to go off every 20 minutes. More here.

iPhone to the rescue!


iPad was announced. The moment people had been waiting for. Surprisingly, the machine is just like an XXL iPhone rather than a touch-screen Macbook. No optical drive, few connectivity, no multi-tasking, this the first time Apple disappointed me. I’m expecting something more like HP slate.

South Park parody

South Park had been doing parodies ever since. This is the parody of The Last Supper showing that Judas betraying Jesus.

All Day Long

My machine had been up for 1 straight day. Never accomplished that before.

By the way, computers are meant to run 24/7 right?

Windows Photo Gallery review

I’ve been playing with some new features of Windows 7. Windows Photo Gallery is the Photo gallery for windows. Similar to iPhoto in Mac. Microsoft had done a good job on keeping track of today’s needs. It’s not the best photo management on the market but the function are quite acceptable. Red-eye removal, quick tone setting, color setting and the best part is face recognition ( most people think it is a rip-off from Mac ). Face recognition is crucial for photo management nowadays.

The interface is a bit clutter on the left pane.

Face recognition

Multiple face recognition

Some bugs