The games that never aged

Remember that arcade-like game ‘Doom’, which was the ancestor of First Person Shooter? It exist in 1993. That was like 17 years ago and people still play it today. Although, the game engine is enhanced but it still has the classic feelings. The engine developer had come up with many advance feature which was unavailable in the original game engine such as mouse look, external wad, key binding, and so on. One of my favorite doom engine, a.k.a. Source port, is GZDoom. It uses OpenGL as the default rendering.

The original Doom

Enhanced gameplay with GZDoom

Total annihilation is also a classic game. Released in 1997, this Real Time Strategy (RTS) is 13 years old and people still play it today. Like Doom, developers enhanced the game to make it even better. One community has develop a new engine to play the game in 3D. It’s called TA3D

The original Total Annihilation

TA : Escalation mod

TAUniverse, a place you can modify your Total Annihilation. It provides resource for units, maps, and mods


5 Responses to “The games that never aged”

  1. The games that never aged Says:

    […] The games that never aged […]

  2. zzeed Says:

    I thought original TA doesn’t have the cyberian monkeylord (or is that spider mastermind?)

  3. seebee0509 Says:

    Throughout my blog, the image title is below the image not above. Sorry for the inconvenience. I thought normally people would see the image first then the title.

  4. zzeed Says:

    It depends… normally the title should be above the image. If you have narration… then it should be below it.

  5. intrr Says:

    The original game already had custom key bindings and external WADs – but anyway šŸ˜‰

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