Windows Photo Gallery review

I’ve been playing with some new features of Windows 7. Windows Photo Gallery is the Photo gallery for windows. Similar to iPhoto in Mac. Microsoft had done a good job on keeping track of today’s needs. It’s not the best photo management on the market but the function are quite acceptable. Red-eye removal, quick tone setting, color setting and the best part is face recognition ( most people think it is a rip-off from Mac ). Face recognition is crucial for photo management nowadays.

The interface is a bit clutter on the left pane.

Face recognition

Multiple face recognition

Some bugs


10 Responses to “Windows Photo Gallery review”

  1. zzeed Says:

    that tire resembles a face, hehe

  2. seebee0509 Says:

    One more thing. Windows Photo Gallery dont have automatic face recognition where it suggest a face on a different picture. NOT recommended for those who think it’ll work like iPhoto.

  3. niza Says:

    tu bkn ke ekor tikus mati dalam kete abgmuzani?

  4. alyani Says:

    lah.ingat mcm iphoto,cb tag sndiri la ea?

  5. Drew Says:

    I am exclusively looking to checkout the iPad, and I am excited to see what kinds of games and apps will be programmed for it. I just don’t understand some of the nitpicky criticisms in this website. Size of the bezel?? Pffff!

  6. Maye Mounger Says:

    I found your site on google, great site, keep it up. Will return in the future. Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

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