iPad was announced. The moment people had been waiting for. Surprisingly, the machine is just like an XXL iPhone rather than a touch-screen Macbook. No optical drive, few connectivity, no multi-tasking, this the first time Apple disappointed me. I’m expecting something more like HP slate.


4 Responses to “iPad”

  1. zzeed Says:

    True. It has to be more computer like. Not just a huge iPhone without the phone features.

  2. iPad Forum Says:

    Nice site by the way. I never knew much about this until i found this site via google Regards

  3. Jerome Cypher Says:

    And now, not even fifteen years later, we tend to apprehend, soon enough, youˇ¦ll carry around access to virtually each book ever created, almost each bit of information generated by anyone else on a computer.

  4. Kenneth Asturias Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Apple for sometime, they produce gadgets that is aesthetically beautiful while working like a everytime I use it. I can’t say that about alot of companies, it’s usually one or the other. Tech companies don’t usually take aesthetics seriously like Apple. With that being said I’ve got to say that I’m very excited about the upcoming Tablet. One thing I question though, is it too soon? I think that this product may be ahead of its time. What do you think?

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