Internet speed

Today I compare two internet speed. One is streamyx ( Malaysia )  and another one is Free SAS ( France ). I test the streamyx myself. While I get the Free SAS result from my caedes friends.


Free SAS

Notice any difference? Look very closely…..


5 Responses to “Internet speed”

  1. zzeed Says:

    Wow. How did you get that connection.

  2. alyani Says:

    download and upload rate gave a huge gap between two internet.anything else that i miss?

  3. seebee0509 Says:

    Alyani : yes the difference between Streamyx and Free SAS download rate. “Bagai langit dengan bumi”

  4. ipingtest Says:

    Free has an interesting proposition with only one fast subscription and a good one at that.

    Did you try our speedtest?

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