Dragonball mod for half-life

Half-life engine is very universal. Developers can make the mod out of everything. From the funny and ridiculous mod to the action-thrilled zombie mod. Here’s one of the mod : Earth Special Forces. I dont know where do they get the names but its about Dragonball multiplayer game. Its free for download but the main half-life engine is not free and proprietary. Here’s some screenshot :

Charging energy…..

Goku is fighting Goku?

Mouse-guided Kamehame ha.


Good job M$ft

I just plugged in the Printer in the living room. It’s a Canon Inkjet MP145. I did not download any driver from the net or use any CD driver. I cant believe it. It’s just works! Printing works fine. One thing is windows update automatically download the driver from the net. So i think internet access is necessary to ‘Wow’ on this version of Windows.

Device ready

Easy printer control panel

The Theory of Everything

So they come up with a theory of everything. The whole universe, a long time ago, was a singularity, a single dot. Everything is in symmetry. From this singularity, comes the Big Bang which made up the universe today. From my point of view, it is clear that they made out this point : There is ONE God who created everything. What do you think? Interesting isn’t it?

He’s watching you……..

Since I started this blog, this smiley is always visible on the right pane together with the links. What is it actually?

Just a tribute

Here’s a lineup of Mercedes Benz E-class generations from the beginning.

You can run but you can’t hide

Microsoft Windows had been so much error since their early OSs. They will eventually, fix the errors. But when one error fix, another error comes.

Mac users

I’ve watched Toy Story 3 trailer. It’s been a long time since Pixar made Toy Story 2. One thing Pixar have been doing silently on their animations :

Obviously, Woody is using an iMac with at lease Mac OS X leopard. (The taskbar is transparent)