iTunes problem

I wanted to manage my musics using iTunes, suddenly something went wrong. iTunes didn’t make the album into one artwork. Instead, it divides into a few artwork. I dont know if my description is correct, look screenshot below for the accurate situation.


8 Responses to “iTunes problem”

  1. alyani Says:

    u didnt fill up the correct properties of the songs perhaps..

  2. seebee0509 Says:

    Look closely on the song i selected….

  3. Xenobioz Says:

    Nice logo! It’s from another artist? BTW, these days I spell xenobioz with an o, instead of 0. ;). Also thanks for the comment on my song. =)

    • seebee0509 Says:

      I really can’t remember where i get that artwork. Google search maybe? I’m sorry if I’m using a wrong artwork. Kinda hard to find the right artworks for my musics if you know what I mean. So, you used the letter “o” instead of number “0” right?

  4. zzeed Says:

    I think I know what’s the problem there.

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