OS comparison.

Now let’s compare the 3 most popular OS used by consumers. These screenshot were the latest of them (including BETA).

Here we have the well-known Windows 7

Here’s the consumer-friendly, UNIX-based, virus-free, Mac OSX Snow leopard

Last but not least, the UNIX-based, fully configureable, Linux. This is a screenshot of GNOME 3.0 which to be release on Sept 2010. It is used by many Linux distro.

These 3 OSs have ONE similarity. Guess?


5 Responses to “OS comparison.”

  1. Steve Says:


  2. alyani Says:

    linux punye design kemas.

  3. seebee0509 Says:

    The answer is :


  4. zzeed Says:

    I was going to answer taskbar or menu bar.

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