Piracy Effort

I’ve come across the Windows Genuine website. Since the beginning of CD-R and DVD-Rs, Microsoft is trying to seize the software counterfeit. Many people made copies of Windows with simply copying the Windows Original CD. Come to think of it, I dont think genuine Windows is different from pirate Windows. Both have tendency to get viruses and BSOD right? I might thought of something funny from this. Let’s see….. How about “Genuine Viruses and Spyware” “Keep your viruses and spyware up to date with Windows update” or “BSOD visual improvement” sort of….

There is a part where they keep an gallery of Pirated Windows and Office which submitted by consumers. Here’s some.


2 Responses to “Piracy Effort”

  1. zzeed Says:

    How to tell:
    1) either you downloaded it from the net or
    2) paid MYR10 or USD5 bucks for it (instead of the full blown price that goes to b4llmerr & g4tes’ pocket)

    • seebee0509 Says:

      There’s a place called Windows Marketplace where registered users can download their digitally purchased Windows from the internet. Actually downloading Windows from Microsoft website is Legal. The license or the cd-key is what Microsoft is hunting. You may download the OS for free but you wont get license.

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