Is it worth it?

Taken at March 2009 at a Chalet in Parit Buntar. A trip to Pulau Pinang for some family matters.

Inside, the bathroom has a toilet which is also a sink. Manufacturers nowadays, want everything in one piece. But is it really necessary? A toilet with a sink? Maybe it is practical for space-saving but people would have a problem reaching it.


6 Responses to “Is it worth it?”

  1. alyani Says:

    convenient what~hoho.okey la tu.bukan 5star chalet pon..

  2. kakngah Says:

    reason utk design sebegitu bukan convenience atau pun luxury, tapi supposedly environmentally-friendly, sbb kurg pengunaan air. air bekas dah basuh tangan tu digunakan utk flush toilet..

  3. Zidni Says:

    And you sort of have to sit backwards

  4. niza Says:

    jarang2 nk jumpe toilet bowl kaler merah. kahh..!

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