Stair Door

To go further up the stairs, you need to open the door…

I’m not sure where did I get this shot. Maybe from Az-Zahrah.


Ink Efficiency

Today, let’s do some math. Here’s the picture of a Carrefour product catalog. I look through the pages and found this:

Let’s assume that they put the ink cartridge and printer side-by-side in a way that the ink is compatible with the printer.

Now, If I want to buy a printer, which way is less expensive way of ink usage? Below are tables showing the expense for a month. Assume that the ink will be out in one week. (sorry for the misspell for ‘catridge’, Microsoft didn’t tell me, but who cares?)

OPTION 1 : Buy the printer for the 1st week and continuously buy the ink for the following weeks.

OPTION 2 : Buy the printer every week.

So which one is money saving? You decide….

All Connected

This one time, everyone with wifi were connected to D2640T

The ‘unknown’ is a non-windows device connected. Probably Macs or mobile phones. I can see that D-Link is Windows®-oriented. I wonder how many devices can connect to this router.

Recycle, Reuse

Let’s assume that you have a few damaged wireless router and modem which were struck by lightning. What are you going to do with them?

Throw them away? That’s not very good for environment. Instead, let your kids have fun with them.