Stair Door

To go further up the stairs, you need to open the door…

I’m not sure where did I get this shot. Maybe from Az-Zahrah.


Ink Efficiency

Today, let’s do some math. Here’s the picture of a Carrefour product catalog. I look through the pages and found this:

Let’s assume that they put the ink cartridge and printer side-by-side in a way that the ink is compatible with the printer.

Now, If I want to buy a printer, which way is less expensive way of ink usage? Below are tables showing the expense for a month. Assume that the ink will be out in one week. (sorry for the misspell for ‘catridge’, Microsoft didn’t tell me, but who cares?)

OPTION 1 : Buy the printer for the 1st week and continuously buy the ink for the following weeks.

OPTION 2 : Buy the printer every week.

So which one is money saving? You decide….

All Connected

This one time, everyone with wifi were connected to D2640T

The ‘unknown’ is a non-windows device connected. Probably Macs or mobile phones. I can see that D-Link is Windows®-oriented. I wonder how many devices can connect to this router.

Information FAIL

Ministry of Higher Education – fail

I will follow you

Wherever Adik will go, games sure to follow.

The synonym

Facebook craze

Warung McGyver

Taken at Wakaf Beruas at Terengganu, on the way back home.