The right size

What is the right size of an image to post on a blog?  Is this good? All image have limit of 100kb per image. Picture of Stephen Hawking made up of Lego.

or this?

or full size?


6 Responses to “The right size”

  1. alyani Says:

    is the lego company is trying to be nice (by creating stephen’s figure) or they are mocking him??haha..

    • seebee0509 Says:

      Cannot be mocking…. must respect him one laa.. and this is just made from lego. Doesn’t mean that lego made it. Probably someone ‘legomaniac’.

  2. n!za Says:

    cb, akak vote for 400pixels. everything is good if ‘n between’:P

  3. n!za Says:


  4. Mynie Says:

    full too big. small or medium is ok, but this one in specific, small dah cukup kot..

  5. seebee0509 Says:

    you’re right. So long as reader can understand the picture, small picture also can!!!

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