Ink Efficiency

Today, let’s do some math. Here’s the picture of a Carrefour product catalog. I look through the pages and found this:

Let’s assume that they put the ink cartridge and printer side-by-side in a way that the ink is compatible with the printer.

Now, If I want to buy a printer, which way is less expensive way of ink usage? Below are tables showing the expense for a month. Assume that the ink will be out in one week. (sorry for the misspell for ‘catridge’, Microsoft didn’t tell me, but who cares?)

OPTION 1 : Buy the printer for the 1st week and continuously buy the ink for the following weeks.

OPTION 2 : Buy the printer every week.

So which one is money saving? You decide….


8 Responses to “Ink Efficiency”

  1. n!za Says:

    ni da melanggar hukum ekonomi untuk barang penggenab. hehe.

  2. Alya Says:

    hahaha.good one!

  3. n!za Says:

    ‘penggenab’ ke ‘penggenap’. hehe. spelling ke laut. printer n cartridge ni contoh barang penggenab, asalnye. mcm kereta dengan petrol. mcm kamera n kodak dulunya. sekarang printer n cartridge dah jadi barang pengganti. haha! harga 1 sama lain memberi effect yang berbeza2 dah. diikuti dengan permintaan n penawaran yang dah kelam kabut. dats y la kot ekonomi pun kacau bilau. haha!

    • n!za Says:

      plus macam kamera/hfon dengan memory card skrang ni.

      • seebee0509 Says:

        tapi kamera/phone ngan mem card, mem card bukan slalu tukar. Keter dgn petrol tu ok, paham. So, dier barang yang ade 1 product yg continuous, tu nama dier penggenap?

  4. zzeed Says:

    complementing products

  5. n!za Says:

    produk yg dgunakan untuk menggunakan 1 lagi produk, itu adalah barang penggenab 🙂 if tak guna brg penggenab tu, means tak bole guna lah brg yg nk dgunakan itu, unless ade brg pengganti lain utk brg penggenab tu 😛 hah! so economics.. hfon yg kene gune mmc, kalo tak gune mmc pn bole dgunakan, so taktau dah can classify as brg penggenab ke x. hehe.

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