Further Study

I received a lot of letters from IPTS nowadays. Here’s one from KTAC ( Kolej Teknologi Antarabangsa Cybernetics )

Two things I mention here:

1. Mixing English and Malay for the name of the college – Isn’t it inappropriate?

2. Program course

english: Attend>Register(without fees)>Study>Graduate>Get A Job>Marry!

Is marriage part of the course study? If it does, you dont have to prepare the Mas Kahwin. Because it says there, ‘everything is free!’

One more thing….

1Stamp. 1Malaysia!!

Oh, Come on!!!


3 Responses to “Further Study”

  1. kakngah Says:

    the ‘datang daftar belajar graduat kerja kahwin’ sangat-sangat inapropriate dan tak professional. ingat ni brosur skim cepat kaya ke? kalau saya, mmg dah lari jauh-jauh dan tak give any consideration.

  2. zzeed Says:

    ahaha.. graduat -> kerja -> kahwin… ahaha
    cracks me up : D

    Sungguh picisan. Gaya pengiklanan dengan kelulusan yang sangat rendah.

  3. sorayasuhaimie Says:

    how sad?
    how on earth the government allow this…I do understand that part of their intention is to provide opportunity to the poor & less competent ones to further their studies…It’s not really the quantity that matters but the quality of the graduates…

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