Windows Calendar Review

Microsoft always wanted to improve their personal organization software, those which they want to follow some softwares in Mac OSX such as, iCal, iPhoto, iMovie and so on. Today, let’s talk about Windows Calendar

Why am I doing this : Need to start keeping an eye on the calendar. There’s more work and task coming soon….

Included in Windows Vista but not inlcuded in Windows 7. Why??? I have to do some google search to find this App for Windows 7 which I finally ended up at some Win7 forum.

First run

Pretty clean user interface, pretty simple and easy to read.

Filling up the details. Again, very simple. Totally different from Windows Media Player which I think the most complicated navigation I’ve ever used.

This calendar seek navigation is very easy to use. I wish I could show you how it works but, this is a still picture.

Conclusions : Well, i could say that Microsoft did pretty good job on listening to consumers. But still, we, consumers did not get 100% satisfaction from a PC.


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