And Then I realized……..

Is it a coincidence?


Firefox 4.0 review

Images is enough to describe it, I guess.

Pros :

-6x faster ( That’s what they said )

-cleaner UI, refurbished add-ons manager and

-much more responsive


-Tabs at the top, probably brainwashed by Google

-Too little space for the bookmarks toolbar

-My previous theme is not compatible with this version and

-I’m considering rolling back to 3.6

1 year goes bye and then, done.

I finished Matriculation program yesterday, with a blink of an eye. The time flies almost too fast that I couldn’t get my memory to save in. Anyway, It’s been a while since I put my mind at ease. Most people would probably have tons of memory picture. Me? I don’t really mind losing them. It’s a year full of conventionality.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve give my full commitment as a class monitor. Never done that before.