Alternative Perception


It is over….

Yesterday, 12 May 2011 my L7i has reached 4 years. Bought in 12 May 2007. Now, it’s not functioning anymore…

When I press the power button, the screen goes black after the splash screen

This phone has come to an end. It’s been an honor using you as a communication device. Thank you for service. R.I.P


Luckily, thanks to Abg Zeed, He let me use his Motorola RAZR2 V9

Really thin phone. On first thought, I can’t believe technology can manufacture this phone.

BTW, I spend half a day photographing and editing this pictures and this blog post. Fuhh…

Adobe Photosop CS5

Upgraded from CS3 to CS5

Pros :

1. Cleaner, manageable, customizable and easier to use GUI

2. Default keyboard shortcut is constrained

3. Mediocre memory usage ( Does not increase when considering a higher version )

4. Faster and much more responsive compared to previous version

5. A few new features that will come in handy

Cons :

1. An Adobe Sign Up windows appears sometimes when opened

2. Very large install files. Extensive, unnecessary add-on application. Although it can be unchecked when installed, carrying it around might feel a bit dragged.