Comparison on the same league

Apple is expensive? Try to compare with the same league as PC, it’s just about the same.

Legend : Green shows advantage, Red represents disadvantage.


3 Responses to “Comparison on the same league”

  1. H Says:

    I’m not sure the your comparison is objective enough.
    – Screen: Whether glossy is better than matte is still debatable. And for laptop, bigger is only better if you use it as a desktop.
    – OS: Apple fanboys would say Mac OS is better, Microsoft fanboys would say Windows is better.
    However, since your actual cost is 0, no comparison is really necessary.

    • Ahmad Syarbini Says:

      Screen : Higher DPI = better
      OS : Mac OS X fully utilizes the hardware. I’ve been using Windows ever since, they missed a few things in that part.

      • H Says:

        Screen: where’s DPI?
        OS: Again not very objective. Mac OS is made for the hardware. Windows can only be fully utilized by higher end hardware.

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