You know how the internet works? This was unexpected. Please read the following chat if not tl;dr.

(from omegle)


Stranger: where do u live though ?

You: malaysia

You: u?

Stranger: UAE But i am not an arab though

You: so who are you?

Stranger: I am from Soviet Union

You: but how did you end up in UAE?

Stranger: My parents moved

Stranger: the country is 40 years old only

Stranger: so new job vaccancies and s***

You: i see

Stranger: so how old r u ?

You: 20

You: is it difficult to familiarize yourself with the new environment?

Stranger: No not at all i blended in fast

Stranger: i live for 5 years here

Stranger: I feel like at home kinda

Stranger: But Porn is blocked here

Stranger: Even Omegle

Stranger: But i use a site unblocker

You: do you have trouble with the languages and the religion?

Stranger: No English is spoken widely here

Stranger: everyone speaks english

Stranger: Religion well actually wen i came here i was muslim

Stranger: wats ur religion ?

You: Islam of course

You: wait a minute, “was muslim”?

You: what do you mean?

Stranger: Nevermind u will say oh haram and s***

Stranger: u will brainwash me

Stranger: just forget it

You: it is my duty to spread the word of truth. but since the medium is internet, my method is useless

Stranger: OMG Dude Ok why are u muslim ?

Stranger: because of ur parents rite ?

Stranger: Because ur sosciety tells u to be rite ?

You: i was born a muslim, my parents is muslims, and their parents are muslims, and so on…

Stranger: EXACTLY !

Stranger: u never had ur own choice !

Stranger: U were brainwashed by ur Parents

Stranger: Just think

Stranger: And ask urself

You: im listening

Stranger: Did Prophet write this book ?

Stranger: or was it someone playing a trick?

You: so, you doubt the truth of the book

Stranger: Wait

Stranger: Do u eat pork ?

You: nope

Stranger: why ?

You: it’s obviously Haram

You: even if it is Halal, i dont want to eat it

Stranger: ok but do u know why it is haram ?

You: yes,

Stranger: why ?

You: because it is disgusting

You: look at the way they eat, live

You: they do not adhere to the rules of halal.

Stranger: haha thats ur argument ? i will tell u the real truth !

Stranger: Qu’ran was written a long time ago ! I donno by who ? but by some dude so before wen people started t otry different animals ! They got sick from pig ! They didnt have the technology to clean and wash it out ! so now The procedure is really good ! its cleaned out well Proccesed no harm at all ! but the qu’ran is outdated !

You: i see, but do the technology now alter the eating habits of pigs?

You: now matter how advance the technology are, the chemistry process of a consumption if pigs converting the food to it eats to meat cannot be altered.

You: so, the animals that muslims can eat is the animals that eats clean, absolute foods,

You: such as, cows eating only grass and plants,

You: goats,

You: herbivorous animals only

Stranger: That is a pretty good reply ! Well I m an open minded person so i think i will take that to my knowlege

You: good to hear

Stranger: But hOW do u know God is there ?

You: let’s see, we are the only known inteligent life on the universe (yet), the position of earth happens to be just right,

You: to sustain life. I dont think this is a coincidence

You: if it is a coincidence, there suppose to be a lot of planet capable to sustain life.

Stranger: There are !

You: so there must be a creator

Stranger: THe Universe is BIg

Stranger: Over thousands of galaxy’s !

You: ok, let’s say their technology is not advance enough to travel through space, still, even on earth, we are the only inteligent being

You: beside other creature

Stranger: Do you know the Big Bang ?

Stranger: That is what created all this !

You: if the development of the brain of humans comes from apes, why are there still apes, and why does it only become one intelligent species. there is suppose to be more intelligent being besides humans

Stranger: Yeah well that is the Darwin’s theory

Stranger: I have my own

You: looks like there’s a flaw in the theory of evolution

Stranger: There might be really aliens watching over us

Stranger: like in EARTH IS CANCELLED episode

Stranger: But out earth is not really a show

Stranger: our*

Stranger: Its like an experiment to see how intelligent life is going to develope

Stranger: Different races

Stranger: together

Stranger: what do u think on that

Stranger: i have another theory but first this !

You: that is partially correct, it is true we are an experiment, but God is the one who watch us.

You: we have to prove ourselves worthy

Stranger: aha ok Legit

Stranger: I might Look over this

Stranger: You sir made me re think my beliefs !

You: i think i do have an analogy to prove God exist

You: i cant remember

You: at first, i dont actually have high hopes on convincing people over the internet,

You: but this time it happens to work

You: well, you know how the internet world is

Stranger: Yeah ! You have to try to do it You have very legit statements !

Stranger: yeah i do

Stranger: Well i think i have to go now !

Stranger: Thank you sir !

You: so, hear me,

You: choose the right path!

Stranger: Yes i will.

You: use reasons to convince yourself

You: may Allah bless you

Stranger: You too ! thank you.

Stranger: bye

You: bye

You: Salam

You: ok ciao

You have disconnected.