It is over….

Yesterday, 12 May 2011 my L7i has reached 4 years. Bought in 12 May 2007. Now, it’s not functioning anymore…

When I press the power button, the screen goes black after the splash screen

This phone has come to an end. It’s been an honor using you as a communication device. Thank you for service. R.I.P


Luckily, thanks to Abg Zeed, He let me use his Motorola RAZR2 V9

Really thin phone. On first thought, I can’t believe technology can manufacture this phone.

BTW, I spend half a day photographing and editing this pictures and this blog post. Fuhh…


Adobe Photosop CS5

Upgraded from CS3 to CS5

Pros :

1. Cleaner, manageable, customizable and easier to use GUI

2. Default keyboard shortcut is constrained

3. Mediocre memory usage ( Does not increase when considering a higher version )

4. Faster and much more responsive compared to previous version

5. A few new features that will come in handy

Cons :

1. An Adobe Sign Up windows appears sometimes when opened

2. Very large install files. Extensive, unnecessary add-on application. Although it can be unchecked when installed, carrying it around might feel a bit dragged.

1 year goes bye and then, done.

I finished Matriculation program yesterday, with a blink of an eye. The time flies almost too fast that I couldn’t get my memory to save in. Anyway, It’s been a while since I put my mind at ease. Most people would probably have tons of memory picture. Me? I don’t really mind losing them. It’s a year full of conventionality.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve give my full commitment as a class monitor. Never done that before.

So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

It is time. I will stop blogging for a year. Im going to Matriculation college.

Reasons :

-I wont be able to find an abundant internet connection.

-I want to concentrate on studying.

-I don’t have enough time, I guess.

-I can practice my english with my new comrades in KMS

Wondering what’s with the title? It’s the song title in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy’

Thank you all. Thank you for reading and following this blog. I will be back. Soon.

Fishing Trip

I went for fishing trip for the 2nd time, floating on the sea. Together with Ayoh, Abg Muz, Dr Abdullah ( Ayoh’s comrade ), and of course, the ship’s crew. Unbelievably, I’m not feeling any sea sickness during the trip in contrast of my 1st trip.

Ready and Set!

All aboard! Need  to bring this ice container to ensure the fish freshness.

Need to see what’s powering this ship. An inline 6-cylinder, diesel engine. Judging by the sound and the vibration, I bet this engine must have a lot of horse power.

Relaxing while going to the fishing pot.

Let’s try this fishing rod.

Got 2 fishes on 2 hooks.

We also captured some squids at night.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived back at the Jetty and everything is safe and sound.


Looked after Proton Wira for a while, at Mun Lee Auto. Change the engine from 4G15 to 4G91.

Taken from Mitsubishi Lancer half-cut, to the existing Proton Wira.

Changing the dashboard

They stuff the old dashboard and engine component here….

And the point is, these photos were captured by my 3-years-old Motorola SLVR L7i. Not bad for a 1-megapixel camera phone eh?

Technology Marches Forward……..

Today, let’s compare two well-known media container : DVD and Blu Ray.

Both screenshot were taken by VLC, resized by photoshop to 750 pixels in width. Rendering quality is capped to 100kb per image with no bias whatsoever. Aspect ratio is constrained to their respective resolution. Computers will small screen will may not be able to view this pictures with full coverage, sorry for the inconvenience.

This is Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen in Blu ray

This is the same movie in DVD. There’s a big difference isn’t it?


I’ve noticed something in the movies ‘The Wild’ and ‘Madagascar’

They have quite a similarity. Is it coincidently a rip-off?

I looked at the characters:

Two almost similar character? Is this a coincidence?