Common sense should be more common than it is



All-in-one PC. Almost…..


Beautiful indeed


Never leave your credentials on a public computer.

The synonym

Facebook craze

Windows Advisor

If your thinking of upgrading your PC from Windows Xp or Vista to Windows 7, you might use this software called Windows 7 upgrade advisor. It will diagnose your hardware and see if it’s fit for Windows 7. The funny thing is when you check the website, you’ll see the supported OS to run the advisor. The OSs is Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Wait a minute. Windows 7? Are you kidding me? Now, why on earth I’m running Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, when I’m using Windows 7? Can somebody explain? Any Microsoft employees reading this? Okay, maybe you want to DOWNgrade from 7 To XP.

All Day Long

My machine had been up for 1 straight day. Never accomplished that before.

By the way, computers are meant to run 24/7 right?

Next Generation UI


Today’s review is BumpTop. A desktop manager for Windows and Mac. It’s the most Intuitive UI I’ve ever witness. Free download for limited features. 29$ for the full version. It redefine how you manage your desktop.