The Contigency

I got hit by the numbers in a probability event that causes me a great deal of financial loss. It’s time to take a step ahead in gadgetry that is shifting from feature phone to smartphone. iPhone? Sorry, can’t afford that. It’s quite overpriced compared to the other alternatives, I know why and I don’t want to point that out.

Android comes with a lot of UI derivatives due to the manufacturers’ decision. So far, the best UI goes to Samsung with it’s Touchwiz interface. First, I purchased the Galaxy Mini, the most affordable of the Droids.

Then, it had a mystical, unsolvable defect on the display. Warranty? I’ve sent to the Service Center TWICE. Nothing solved.

This happens

After that, I traded it with Galaxy Ace. It’s a bit expensive but it was worth it. Well then, better luck next time.

The best part is, it’s loaded with the latest 2.3 Gingerbread Android OS. Gratefully, the update from 2.2 to 2.3 made the video capture quality greatly increased, from QVIF (174×144 15 FPS) to VGA (640×480 40FPS)


So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

It is time. I will stop blogging for a year. Im going to Matriculation college.

Reasons :

-I wont be able to find an abundant internet connection.

-I want to concentrate on studying.

-I don’t have enough time, I guess.

-I can practice my english with my new comrades in KMS

Wondering what’s with the title? It’s the song title in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy’

Thank you all. Thank you for reading and following this blog. I will be back. Soon.