The Return of The Conventionalist

I enrolled at UniZSA on 3rd Sept. 2012

Conventionality. again. *sigh*

On the bright side,


Is it worth it?

Taken at March 2009 at a Chalet in Parit Buntar. A trip to Pulau Pinang for some family matters.

Inside, the bathroom has a toilet which is also a sink. Manufacturers nowadays, want everything in one piece. But is it really necessary? A toilet with a sink? Maybe it is practical for space-saving but people would have a problem reaching it.

iPhone to the rescue!

Dan Woolley, an American filmmaker trapped in the Haiti earthquake, used his iPhone for survival until he was rescued 65 hours later.

Woolley was caught under a pile of rubble when the earthquake hit, which injured his legs and his head. A first-aid app gave him the instructions on the best way to create a tourniquet for his leg and bandage for his head and warned him against failing asleep after head trauma, so the phone was also used as an alarm which is set to go off every 20 minutes. More here.

iPhone to the rescue!