The Competition is on

The above picture, as you’ve noticed, is a new feature in Windows 7 called ‘aero snap’. You can compare two windows side-by-side by just dragging the windows to the left and right side of the screen.

However, the picture below that Windows 7 is Linux Mint 10 Julia, with a new feature in the latest GNOME desktop environment ‘extra pane’. Linux sure knows how to pick up the trend in user interface.

The interesting about this is if you noticed, the Windows 7 uses two different windows to compare, while Mint only uses One windows. You know what they say, Less is More.

You have anything to say Mac?

An Inconvenient Truth

There’s only one web browser with the tab is located at the top of the window. Google Chrome.

This comic below is a sneak peak that shows the documentation of the ‘awesomeness’ of the browser. Everything they said does make sense and quite good actually. But there’s only one flaw : The Tab

Users don’t want their tab being far away from the mouse. I don’t understand why does the market share of this browser is rising and will gradually beating Internet Explorer. And I don’t understand why do they point it out like it was an advantage? “We could detach the tabs easily…..”. Oh, THEY could easily detached it, not us, the users.

[Link to the comic.]