Windows Fact #2

But frankly, if you rename the folder/file in other operating system, the folder/file name stays there. Pretty wierd.

( Credits to Abg Zid’s Macbook Pro for renaming the folder )


Windows Calendar Review

Microsoft always wanted to improve their personal organization software, those which they want to follow some softwares in Mac OSX such as, iCal, iPhoto, iMovie and so on. Today, let’s talk about Windows Calendar

Why am I doing this : Need to start keeping an eye on the calendar. There’s more work and task coming soon….

Included in Windows Vista but not inlcuded in Windows 7. Why??? I have to do some google search to find this App for Windows 7 which I finally ended up at some Win7 forum.

First run

Pretty clean user interface, pretty simple and easy to read.

Filling up the details. Again, very simple. Totally different from Windows Media Player which I think the most complicated navigation I’ve ever used.

This calendar seek navigation is very easy to use. I wish I could show you how it works but, this is a still picture.

Conclusions : Well, i could say that Microsoft did pretty good job on listening to consumers. But still, we, consumers did not get 100% satisfaction from a PC.

Good job M$ft

I just plugged in the Printer in the living room. It’s a Canon Inkjet MP145. I did not download any driver from the net or use any CD driver. I cant believe it. It’s just works! Printing works fine. One thing is windows update automatically download the driver from the net. So i think internet access is necessary to ‘Wow’ on this version of Windows.

Device ready

Easy printer control panel

Mac users

I’ve watched Toy Story 3 trailer. It’s been a long time since Pixar made Toy Story 2. One thing Pixar have been doing silently on their animations :

Obviously, Woody is using an iMac with at lease Mac OS X leopard. (The taskbar is transparent)

Windows Advisor

If your thinking of upgrading your PC from Windows Xp or Vista to Windows 7, you might use this software called Windows 7 upgrade advisor. It will diagnose your hardware and see if it’s fit for Windows 7. The funny thing is when you check the website, you’ll see the supported OS to run the advisor. The OSs is Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Wait a minute. Windows 7? Are you kidding me? Now, why on earth I’m running Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, when I’m using Windows 7? Can somebody explain? Any Microsoft employees reading this? Okay, maybe you want to DOWNgrade from 7 To XP.

Piracy Effort

I’ve come across the Windows Genuine website. Since the beginning of CD-R and DVD-Rs, Microsoft is trying to seize the software counterfeit. Many people made copies of Windows with simply copying the Windows Original CD. Come to think of it, I dont think genuine Windows is different from pirate Windows. Both have tendency to get viruses and BSOD right? I might thought of something funny from this. Let’s see….. How about “Genuine Viruses and Spyware” “Keep your viruses and spyware up to date with Windows update” or “BSOD visual improvement” sort of….

There is a part where they keep an gallery of Pirated Windows and Office which submitted by consumers. Here’s some.